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Jason Cobb. Owner/operator here at JLC Fabspeed. I have been in the automotive business for 20+ years and been around racing and repair most of my life. My father, an avid road racer, based in northern CA, meant I spent alot of time at Sears Point (now Infineon) and Laguna Seca as a child, watching icons like the Datsun 510 and 240z rise to power. As a teenager I was a part of the family business of auto repair and went on to apprentice and later to journeymen in the automotive refinish and graphics field, having won numerous "best of shows" and class win titles. With racing still a passion, I had to learn the hard way, it is best reserved for the track and not the streets! On track requirements meant I had to learn fabrication, suspension setup, and engine build and tune in order to find success. Power production was a difficult road traveled at that time, as the internet was not in full swing (dang it Im old!). Engine management via ECU control was in its early stages and mainstream turbocharging was also not prevalent. 

Through trial and error I went on to secure several local and national records for power production with Nissan SR20det fwd application in the late 90's along with extensive DSM 4G63 development. Having produced in excess of 800hp with 2.0 litre factory block, crank,and head as early as 2002. Along with the high performance side of things I have also spent many years on the OEM repair side of the fence having mastered advanced level diagnosis and electrical system design and implementation. I am an ASE master technician with advanced L1 and L3 hybrid certification (one of the first 300 L3 beta test ASE techs in the northwest to do so). I have extensive on track and trackside experience in autocross, drag race and road race areas with many class title wins. On the personal side, I have been married for 25 years and counting to my awesome wife Jessica. We have 3 amazing boys which I have learned so much from and feel incredibly blessed with. My hope is to pass along what I have learned, to those here locally, in need of help with their vehicle needs. I hope I will have that opportunity with you!  


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